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    ARCEL Resin

    ARCEL? advanced foam resins are a robust platform of materials that provide solutions to a multitude of packaging and product challenges. The unique properties of ARCEL resins meet the needs for protective packaging, protective material handling, safety, automotive, recreational, and other applications.

    When used for protective packaging and material handling, ARCEL resin is a sustainable solution that reduces packaging size and weight, while maintaining superb protective properties. In comparison to traditional foam packaging, ARCEL resin reduces package size by as much as 40%, resulting in a positive domino effect that cuts energy consumed in the manufacturing of packaging, lowers fuel consumption and emissions throughout the supply chain, and reduces the waste stream for both foam and corrugate.

    Product Grades

    ARCEL 730

    ARCEL 730 is our highest volume product, primarily because of its versatility. This product has the best all-around performance for packaging applications, multiple drop protection, cracking resistance, bead size, density range, etc. The typical density range is from 1.2 pcf to 7+ pcf.


    Ideal for low target part densities, ARCEL LD can be used to achieve molded part densities ~1.1 pcf (16 g/L). In addition, this product has lower pentane content and offers higher product yield than ARCEL 730. This product helps our customers meet increasingly aggressive cost and sustainability goals.


    ARCEL ULV resin was developed to meet the needs of our customers who do not have access to refrigerated storage and those who want to further reduce their pentane and VOC emissions. With single pass expansion, this product is capable of achieving molded part densities as low as 1.35 pcf. As the ARCEL resin grade with the lowest level of blowing agent, this product can maximize your yield.

    An added benefit is that this product can be shipped unrefrigerated in open top ocean containers.

    ARCEL 640

    This product has improved impact properties. Minimum achievable molded part density is typically 1.7 pcf with ARCEL 640. This product has the smallest bead size of the ARCEL resin family of products and is well-suited for more intricate part designs.

    ARCEL 640B & ARCEL 730B

    These products are dark gray versions of ARCEL 640 and ARCEL 730 resins, respectively. The coloring is consistent throughout the beads to generate foam parts with uniform coloring.

    These products are ideal for dunnage trays, automotive trunk liners, child car seats, military applications and any other application where you may prefer to have a dark foam surface rather than white foam.

    All ARCEL resin products are typically packaged in 1000-pound (454 kg) cartons.?????????