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    Technology Innovation Centres

    Centre for Applied Research

    NOVA Chemicals Research & Technology Centre 
    ?The Centre for Applied Research (formerly NOVA Chemicals Research and Technology Centre/NRTC), is located in Calgary, Alberta, near our Joffre manufacturing complex.

    Polyethylene research and development at the Centre for Applied Research focuses on product and process improvements, new resins, and breakthrough innovations. We focus on the development and commercialization of higher-quality, sustainable, higher-value products for our customers.

    Centre for Performance Applications

    The Centre for Performance Applications (formerly NOVA Chemicals Technical Centre/NCTC), also located in Calgary, Alberta, is dedicated to resin testing, applications development, and customer collaboration.
    The Centre features a wide array of applications development and testing equipment, labs, and collaboration space. Technical service specialists (TSSs) with plastics resin processing expertise work closely with customers and internal experts at the Centre to performance test and improve our products.

    Contact Us

    Centre for Applied Research

    2928 16 St., N.E.
    Calgary, Alberta T2E 7K7


    Centre for Performance Applications

    3620 32 St., N.E.
    Calgary, Alberta T1Y 6G7

    P:? 403.291.8444