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    SCLAIR? Polyethylene (PE) Resins

    The SCLAIR? resin product family is comprehensive, offering an extensive variety of characteristics to suit a broad range of applications. Processing characteristics are dominated by their broad molecular weight, resulting in unusually low extrusion forces, excellent environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR), and a higher-than-average degree of shear sensitivity to swell. The versatility of the SCLAIR solution-phase polymerization process allows a wide range of product tailoring, from molecular weight distribution and melt index to density, strength, and stiffness.?

    The SCLAIR resin?family includes:

    • High Density (HDPE)
    • Medium Density (MDPE)???
    • Linear Low Density (LLDPE)?
    • Very Low Density (VLDPE)??????

    Markets and applications include:

    • Rotational Molding
    • Thin-Wall Injection Molding
    • Food Packaging
    • Caps and Closures
    • Industrial
    • Trash Bags
    • Heavy Duty Sack
    Sclair Resins 

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